Our Expertise

A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.

We believe in mastering just a few areas and becoming the experts in those areas.
We work with just a few types of clients so that we can master those nuances and be the expert you want in your corner.

Federal Contractors

Work with the Federal government without losing your shirt
We’re Federal contractors ourselves, so we have first-hand knowledge and insights into what you need to do to do business with the government and make money at it.

8(a) assistance

The first step is to get your 8(a) package together. We’ve assembled the “three briefcases of documents” you need for our own business and for dozens of other companies. With our system and checklists, you’ll get it done easily and get it done right.

Federal Contract Accounting

Once you’re approved as a federal contractor, you’ll have to keep your books updated with all the right numbers at your fingertips. Federal contractors have to provide the government with information that no accounting system can provide you straight out of the box.

We start by setting up your chart of accounts in QuickBooks with the correct accounts. Then we make sure everything gets recorded correctly so you can pull the reports you need without pulling your hair out. You’ll be able to price your goods and services to the government correctly and not lose money.


Get your books audit ready

Your passion is for your cause, not for accounting. So getting your books ready for audit isn’t your strongest suit. And the treasurer of your board probably isn’t an accountant.

The WII Group is here to support you. We’ll fix any problems we see in your books and get you ready for audit. Jeff was an auditor of not-for-profits, so he knows what auditors look for. We’ll help you get your internal controls in place and keep your accounting manual updated. Fund accounting will be a breeze.


Keep your books right so you can keep your license

You went to law school because you didn’t want to do accounting. Now you find out you could be disbarred if you don’t do your client trust accounting right. The rules for what you can and can’t do with client funds are complex. It’s hard to make sure it all works out correctly.

The WII Group is here to save you — we’ll make sure your client trust accounts are balanced and correct. We understand how income and expenses flow through a law firm, so we can keep your accounts reconciled and in order.

Because we use QuickBooks Online, you’ll always know where your firm stands. And we make sure your client trust fund accounts are always reconciled perfectly.

Small business owners

Peace of mind so you can work on your business

We’re with you every step of your journey, from kitchen table startup to multi-million dollar success. We use QuickBooks Online as a foundation so you always know where your business stands. Your bookkeeping is done efficiently, so you can make effective decisions.

With your books in order, getting your tax return done is quick and easy. No more year-end tax surprises. We’ll help you with all of the tax returns for your business:

  • Income tax
  • Sales tax
  • Payroll taxes


Save tax now and build wealth for the future

Doing your taxes yourself means risking mistakes or missing out on deductions you’re entitled to. It can cost you a lot if you don’t do it right and get hit with IRS penalties and interest.

We’ve got your back. We make it easy for you.

We built a special portal on our website that makes it easy to get your tax return done. Just answer a few simple questions, upload your documents, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Everything is done online in a safe and secure portal
  • Track the progress of your return online
  • And when it’s done, you’ll have 24/7 access to your returns

Services beyond the tax return

We don’t stop with just getting your tax return done. We do tax planning all year. We spend time throughout the year working with you so you can reach your financial goals faster.


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