7 Reasons Why the SBA will Reject the Financials in your 8(a) Application

Find out how to fix these problems NOW!

It’s frustrating to submit all of that paperwork to the SBA for your 8(a) certification just to have it rejected for problems with your financials. The SBA has tough requirements for financials, and you won’t get your certification if you don’t pass them all.

And if your financials were rejected, how do you fix them? If you’re like most small business owners, you don’t have a clue where to start.

Wouldn’t it be great to find out what the SBA is looking for and how to fix the problems?

Whether you’ve already been rejected, or are getting ready to submit your application, we’ve got help for you.

Get our free guide with the 7 top reasons the SBA rejects financials in 8(a) applications and find out how to fix them:

  • What the SBA will ask the IRS about your tax return
  • If these don’t match, you’ll fail
  • This account should never be in your income statement
  • What other information the SBA might ask you for
  • Are you doing your bookkeeping right?

Jeff Wilson and The W2 Group have helped dozens of small businesses owners like you get their financials up to SBA standards.


We were certified 1 week after submitting the application. I think we broke a record. SBA called it a Fast Track application because our paperwork was in line. Your financial work was on point with what they were asking for. We will be calling upon you again, that’s for sure.”
Maurice D. Moore, Cyber Research Group, LLC


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