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The way we plan for our financial future is not the same way past generations have planned for it.

Traditional techniques are not viable for the emerging class of high net-worth individuals that want to live now and still enjoy life later.

While other financial planning firms stick to conventional financial analysis techniques, the financial planners at The W2 Group in Maryland employ advanced technology on your behalf to ensure that you can quickly take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

All of our clients utilize our top technologies to access information faster. Our cloud-based financial planning and CPA firm enables us to work with clients from anywhere in the world. If you have questions a thousand miles away, we have answers that can reach you with one stroke of the keyboard or phone.

We aren’t your parents’ financial advisors; we are a team of millennial financial planners who will prepare you and your family for wealth now and in the future. Our work has been featured in leading publications, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients reach success. Call our financial planners in Upper Marlboro, Maryland today!

If you’re ready to create a financial plan that will beat all the odds, call our certified financial planning specialists at The W2 Group to book your appointment.

Success Starts Now

An important piece of personal success that is often neglected is financial intelligence.

It’s about making smart decisions with the money you make.

One of the smartest decisions you can make with your money is to work with a financial planner who has the experience, education, and expertise to help you create a recession-proof financial plan.

Our team of certified financial planners at The W2 Group, Maryland has a record of success that can help you do the following:

• Build Your Wealth Portfolio
• Accumulate Effective Assets
• Plan Your Estate
• Map Your Life Stages (College, Marriage, Succession)
• Protect Your Assets During Retirement

The W2 Group is armed with a list of leading industry certifications that are guaranteed to take you far.

We Don’t Sell Products; We Share Expertise

Many financial planners work to sell products to clients. That’s the old way of doing business.

In this new era of millennial leadership, we go beyond the typical financial planning products that your parents may have used. Instead, we give you the insights and expertise to understand the best financial solutions for your lifestyle.

We are in business to ensure that our clients have the best information at their disposal to make the smartest financial decisions.

The W2 Group is a conflict-free financial firm that does not believe in selling a long list of products to our clients just to make us profitable. You can trust us to deliver you non-biased financial information that will help you to realize your financial potential.

Expect Excellence Every Step of the Way

Our clients value our diligence, responsiveness, and dedication to excellence in everything we do.

There is no other option but for us to be the best, and we will do whatever it takes to maintain our reputation of being a highly ethical, trusted, and financially savvy team.

Transform Your Financial Future

What do you really need in order to achieve your goals today and tomorrow?

The W2 Group will help you keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible so you can achieve all of your goals.

We offer premier services at a premium. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees. We tell you the game plan upfront so you can plan accordingly.

How are we different from other financial planners and advisors?

We don’t sell financial products; we use your capital to create financial success.

The W2 Group is a top-ranked millennial firm that pushes the edge and takes you to the next level of success. Founded by Jeff Wilson II in 2009, the firm has grown to attract top professionals in the financial services space. Our team is equipped with the most trusted Certified Public Accountants, Certified Divorce Financial Advisors, and award-winning leaders.

The Maryland financial planners at The W2 Group are committed to providing you with the highest level of financial services so you can provide your family with the best quality of life.

Ready to transform your financial future? Contact W2 Group certified financial experts in Maryland today!

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