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  Tax season 2019 is finally here and we’ve got 5 easy steps that will make your tax preparation go smoothly this year: Get Ready Get Started Stay Alert Review Your Return Sign & File   Click here to read more. Click here to download your copy of the 2019 tax season deadlines.      Read more

How to protect the goodwill in your business

It takes time, energy, and continuous effort to build a brand that attracts loyal customers and is rewarded by word of mouth referrals. Without a doubt, the good name you worked so hard to earn is one of your most valuable business assets; in addition to your solid customer base and positive employee relations, it is what is known in business as “goodwill.” If you’re like many small business owners,…  Read more

Are You Falling Behind By Not Automating These Business Activities?

The daily processes and transactions involved in operating a business can mean long hours of repetitive tasks and occasional oversights due to human nature. Automating these tasks can result in significant savings in resources and eliminate mistakes caused by human error. The key, however, is to know which tasks should be automated and which ones warrant staff intervention and guidance. Let’s take a look at some of them. Here are…  Read more


Entertainment, Bonus Depreciation and Net Operating Losses By Phylicia Buie, MST 1/15/2019 12:00PM EST As part of the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), businesses will be facing new tax rules regarding the deductibility to many of their ordinary expenses. Although the tax reform was passed just over a year ago, it has taken the IRS nearly all of 2018 to interpret and provide guidance on these new rules…  Read more

5 PayPal Alternatives to Send and Receive Money Online

PayPal is the world leading online payment service. You can transfer money to and from your bank account, pay for goods, and even receive payments worldwide. It’s a useful tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even for personal use. However, it does have its drawbacks. PayPal takes a significant chunk of money when it comes to converting and billing international payments. You could end up losing about 5% of your cash…  Read more

3 Mistakes That Strangle Growing Businesses

Businesses want to grow and help a larger audience, but too many make mistakes that cripple their growth. Even worse, they keep repeating them! Don’t do the same; avoid the blunders outlined below. Hiring Toxic Personalities Businesses hire more staff as they grow. But if they expand too quickly, they will feel pressure to fill positions on their team, even if the job candidates have a few personality flaws. While…  Read more

Tax Filing Season Begins January 28th

January 28th, 2019 Start of IRS Tax Season: First Day to Transmit Individual and Business Tax Year 2018 Returns  April 15th, 2019 Tax Deadline – Last Day to File Individual Income Tax Returns Timely Without an Extension Read Full Article Here – 2018 Tax Filing Season Begins January 28  Read more

Tax Tip Tuesday

  The 2019 Government Shutdown By Phylicia Buie, MST 1/8/2019 10:35 AM EST As the partial government shutdown extends into it’s third week, the Internal Revenue Service has sent nearly 90 percent of its workforce home without pay (according to the contingency plan published by the agency in December.) The IRS has yet to update this plan and continues to direct news outlets to the lapsed plan from December. The…  Read more

Boosting The Social Proof Of Your Online Business

You won’t build a loyal customer base if you can’t earn your visitors’ trust, which is why companies value social proof so highly. But proving your online business’s value takes a unique skill set; one you can start learning by reading the article below. Befriend Experts Experts love teaching others what they know. While they do make money from their knowledge, they also offer discounts to friends. If an expert…  Read more

Curing Toxic Leadership

Toxic leaders poison entire companies, and once they get authority over others, they don’t let it go willingly. Thankfully, any business can destroy their poisonous influence. Tell The Truth Toxicity thrives when no one tells the truth, but the reverse is also true. If your employees are honest about each other, they can uncover toxic conduct and destroy it. Employees know how obnoxious leaders can be, but reporting their actions…  Read more

Free Training – QuickBooks Online

Join our QuickBooks Online Training Did you know that through Quickbooks Online you can track expenses, send professional invoices, pay your employees, manage your bills and much more? The Washington Area Community Investment Fund (Wacif) invites you to attend its 1-day Quickbooks Online training. Learn how to use and navigate the Quickbooks Online accounting software program and improve the management of your business with this tool. Space is limited, register today!…  Read more

Five Effective Risk Control Strategies

Dealing with risk is an inherent aspect of business management. The way you prepare for risk is the most important factor in determining the longevity of your enterprise. Businesses of all sizes have to contest with the possibility of unexpected events occurring, but it’s how you plan for and react to such scenarios that influence your handling of them. These five methods of controlling risk will provide you with the…  Read more

We’re Expanding!

We’re excited to announce an opening of our new location in Atlanta! Our accountants and business advisors are bringing their fantastic skills to Atlanta from 1st November 2018 and can’t wait to join the community. The W2 Group Atlanta is located at: WeWork Tower Place Suite #1010, 3340 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta 30326, GA We are looking forward to working with you!    Read more

How to Value Stocks and Shares

Being able to accurately value a share price will enable you to make more informed investment decisions. If you can identify a stock that is offered for a price lower than it’s worth, you could make a significant profit from investing at the right time. Conversely, if you calculate a stock to be worth less than the offered price, you could avoid making a serious loss. These four elements of…  Read more

Nailing Your Job Descriptions

Too many businesses brush over their job descriptions, and then wonder why they get so many unqualified applicants. Don’t make the same mistake. Read on to discover how you can craft descriptions that attract the best candidates, and boost your company’s reputation too! Don’t Exaggerate Companies know that attracting the best job candidates means they have to sell their company’s strengths. But this doesn’t excuse exaggeration. Job candidates will figure…  Read more

How to set payment terms if you’re a freelancer or contractor

Following up on late or non-paying customers is no freelancer’s favorite task. Which is precisely why you need to set payment terms up front – and in writing – before you work with a new client or customer. By communicating and agreeing on the non-negotiables for doing business with you, you’ll avoid awkward misunderstandings, frustrating disputes, and in most cases, the ugly hassle of debt collection. These tips will help…  Read more

How to learn from failure in business

Ask any successful entrepreneur about their path to greatness and you’ll get the same answer: failure is an inevitable part of the journey. It took Thomas Edison 1,000 failed attempts before he finally invented the light bulb. Tim Ferris received 25 rejections before his bestselling book, “The 4 Hour Workweek” was finally published and sold millions of copies. It’s a fact that 20% of businesses fail in their first year…  Read more

End of Year Tax Planning

Do you know what you’ll owe? The end of the year presents a unique opportunity for you to look at your overall personal and/or business financial situation. When meeting with your trusted advisor, our goal is to help you understand your tax obligations, establish opportunities to reduce those liabilities and understand your cash flow needs when it comes time to pay uncle Sam. With factors such as tax reform, life…  Read more

Face It! It’s Not Possible to Eliminate the Risk of Innovation

One of the most often cited reasons for not embracing innovation is that it is too risky. Prototyping or testing often comes with a high cost. Combined with the cost of the time spent, this can all be rather high for an unknown outcome. There is no way to eliminate the risk in innovation, but there are ways to reduce it. It’s easy to understand the dilemma. A business owner…  Read more

12 Essential Tips for Delivering Effective Training Courses

Effective training of staff is essential to ensure they develop in their roles and are able to be as productive as possible. The business will need training to be cost effective and meet learning objectives, so as a facilitator of training it’s important to get it right first time. These 12 tips cover all the critical areas you must consider to ensure your training delivery is top notch and fully…  Read more

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